Maybe not completely free…

Okay so starting the 24th, I will have a new job, however ever since I have got the good news, I have been worrying about the “old” job, especially since boss has decided NOT to replace me.

No one here is capable of doing all of the jobs I do and do it efficiently.  Not to say that it cannot be done but face it, boss is a blond nitwit and cannot even get to work on time, let alone get the paper out on time.  Heck, it took her 2 hours to do a simple deposit!   Only 4 checks!

I do have to have a second job, no doubts about it, I just cannot pay all of my bills on 30 hours.  I have an application at the gas station and the burger joint down the road.  B has frowned about fast food but I don’t mind flipping burgers.  Much worse jobs are out there.

So, boss asked if I might work part time.  Well, actually she asked if I would still write my column for the paper then went on to basically ask me if I could fit in some hours here.  I found myself agreeing.

I can put in a couple of hours on Mondays and come in early on Tuesday at about 7.  This gives me time to build the pages I need to, dummy the ads and format copy.  I can come in on weekends to build ads and will come in to make deposits.   I won’t be working more than 10-15 hours total but that will cover my odd expenses.

That does not mean that if an opportunity to work a few more hours at the gas station or the burger joint comes up, I will turn it down.  I need to get a bit of savings built up.  If I can, that is.

For now, I don’t have to worry about that hole in my income. It will mean that I always carry a notebook with me and perhaps my future netbook at all times.  But, you know, I do that anyway


3 responses to “Maybe not completely free…

  1. Don’t burn the thread too much Shadow. We can only do too much, and you’ll still be working two jobs.

    Good luck to you. 😀


    • I don’t have much of a choice. Have to pay bills. Writing is going to suffer but it means I can eat and keep the internet on. lol


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