Brief glimpses into insanity

One thing I have learned from the short stories is that they are only glimpses into a world that you create.  A lot of the time, you find yourself wanting more, much more.

This month I am participating in two challenges (so far.)  One is the Lighthouse 1 hour challenge.  You have 1 hour to write about the prompt.  I will post my story tomorrow but for now I can say I want to explore this a bit more.  It is dark, delicious and more horror/fantasy themed than a lot of my work.

The other is the Shock Totem, bi-monthly challenge we have a prompt and then 1 week to produce the best story in 1,000 or less.  I must say that this month’s prompt was awesome, post-mortem tintypes.  The stories are great.  It was very difficult to vote for the best three.  I foresee a tide of stories hitting the submission in a few weeks.

But both of these stories are in need of some fleshing out.  The 1-hour challenge was only just 450 words, but it opened up a completely new world to explore.  Very dark (at least for me) and seductive.  I will have to learn more about the characters and the world.

The Flash contest led me to a more urban-fantasy style of story.  Something somewhat familiar, yet different.  I want to expand on this story as the first draft was heading well into 2,000 to 3,000 words.  I had to cut out a lot of detail and shorten a few scenes to fit the story in only 1,000 words.

Writing these short stories is a great way to explore and see where a prompt will take you.  On Twitter some writers have a #storystarters hashtag where you can grab a short 100 character start for something.  They hold a few contests that I will try to participate in.  Most of the stories are 500 words or less.

I do suggest that anytime you are in a rut over your current project, try to find some of these little gems to participate in.  It will rattle the cage and help you if you just give it a chance.


2 responses to “Brief glimpses into insanity

  1. You’re right, the power of such short stories can be awesome – how much can grow from a mere opening line, say…

    Good luck with your creativity…



  2. *chuckles*

    … It was a curse that I wish I had never heard. 😉

    Darn you Steve!

    *mumbles and opens a new page in her notebook*


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