Revisions – Shifting Dreams and The Color of Storms

I have been on a revision kick this week.  After two weeks of chaos at work, my wrist is still a bit gimpy so I am giving it a bit of a break.  I have been writing!  I promise, but not as often as I probably should this week.

Instead of progress in writing, I have been  emptying out a couple of red pens on manuscripts.

Shifting Dreams is an erotic fantasy short story that never should have been sent off the first time.  I subbed it, then when it was rejected I set it aside for another week.  I had that “Oh shit!” moment when I reread it.  The main character (MC) almost literally screamed at me from the page.  She was a little pissed that I didn’t take the time to know her a bit better.  Now I have red ink scrawled all over the pages and it is just about ready for a rewrite.  I am hoping to tackle it this weekend.  Then give it a few days to sit before I reread it and make more adjustments.

Color of Storms is my first novel.  I finished writing it almost two years ago and except for some adjustments on the first five chapters I stuck it under the bed for a while.  I am glad that I did.   By working with other stories I can look at this one with a more critical eye.  It needs work.  Lots of work, but it might be salvageable.   While rereading it this past week, I have noticed that at times my voice in the manuscript is very passive, a lot of telling not showing.

This happens to a lot of first time writers.  The urge to tell is much easier than the effort of showing.  Perhaps it is how we communicate verbally.  We tell people what we see, how to do things, or what is going on.  We do not verbally show what is going on.  Making that transition in writing is crucial for a writer.

Another thing I have been going over is my grammar skills.  I still have my grammar books from my college course and I have been going over them daily, doing a few of the exercises and reviewing the laws of the trade.  You do not realize how many you have forgotten or how many rules you internalize without even thinking about them.  Even though you think you know them, it is always a good thing to go over them,  pull out the kinks and review.

I have to get another batch of red pens, the one I have will probably run out of ink in a few more days.  I  have a few more stashed somewhere if the kids have not gotten to them first.


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