Beads and Words- update for this week.

Well it’s Sunday again, time for a progress update.

I have still had some pain and discomfort in my wrist so I have been easy on the typing.  What writing I have been doing is long hand so I can only estimate my progress.

It has been a busy week, trying to make sure everything is complete at work so that I walk out without much worry.  (yea right)  But I will be there part time (Lucky me right?)  at least until I can find another part time job.

So as to writing, I have about 2,000 on Dragon Masque, 12 hand written pages plus a bit more.  I won’t know how much until it is typed out, but if I write about 250 words per page then that should equal up to about 2,000 or there abouts.  I’ll try to have a proper word count later this week when I type it out.

While the kids are at church this morning going to tackle Shifting Dreams.  The printed pages are nicely marked with lots of red slashes and notes.  Word count should be about 3,000 +

I am very eager to see how the Shock Totem contest turned out.  I know we have just 2 more people to critique and vote and it is driving me nuts!  I wish all of you could read these stories, they are great!

The Lighthouse forum had a  1 hour challenge this week.  Unfortunately, I tried to write it at work, so only got about 450 words on it.  It’s another project I want to expand on.

Beading had kind of been my kick this week.

3 necklaces finished, no, none as complicated as the first one I posted.  3 bracelets.  I am looking at my wardrobe and fitting what I wear with beading patterns. I’ll take photos on the next clear day outside and show them off when I can.

Goals for this week.

Rework Shifting Dreams, send to beta (Miss Hiney) to read.

Type out those 12 pages on Dragon Masque. Post current word count.

Work on short story for Chizine writing contest.  I had an idea last night, we will see how it works out.

I’ll go easy on the beading projects, but it has been really good to get back to it.

I’ll have an idea how my schedule will go after next week with juggling 2 jobs.   Got to do what I got to do, Right?


4 responses to “Beads and Words- update for this week.

  1. YAY!!! Shadow *tosses beads and papers in the air* Oops. *blushes* don’t worry, I’ll help you pick it up. 😛

    Sorry I didn’t get to this yesterday. HUGS to you girl for doing a great job! Keep it up, I’ll keep cheering ya on!


    • no worries at all hon. RL gets in the way.
      Have missed your comments and was a bit worried. I was going to stalk you and find out where you went. I hope you got some sleep.

      Take it easy.

      Oh and on cleaning up the beads. *hands over panty hose and vacuum* use this.


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