Idea ambush

There are days when my mind is very random.  Those days are usually when my life has to be very focused.  You know,  those days when I have to work hard on things that I practically can do in my sleep.  Those are the days when a jumbled bunch of ideas and thoughts seem to spread in my inner brain.

They are not intrusive, they just kind of sit there in the back of my head and multiply.  Eight hours of focused attention on work somehow leads to an explosion of ideas when I come home.  It is not always in writing, sometimes it is design ideas, beads, or drawing.  I itch to create.

In contrast, days that I do not have much to do often leave me baffled as ideas skitter away when I focus on them.  Those are the days that the red pen comes out and I hack and slash at a manuscript or work on something else dull and tedious.  Not to mention that it is those days that the clutter in my house starts to drive me nuts.

I think that ideas a lot of times are like  mice.  If you shine the spotlight on them they scatter into dark corners and become difficult to find. It is only when you turn your back that they creep in and ambush you.


2 responses to “Idea ambush

  1. Man, you hit the nail on the head with that one, only my ideas are VERY intrusive and look more like R.O.U.S.’s, very hard to ignore. Hard to sleep hard to do much else until I’ve written down the base of it.

    Good post shadow. 😀


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