Never backhand a fence post

“Is it broken?”  Was the first thing out of my mom’s mouth when she saw the rapidly expanding goosegg on the back of my hand.

I flexed my fingers. No, no pain, although the cut from the hog pannel stung.

She gave me an “oh shit” look. “Let’s get some ice on it.

Mom has a stubborn tiller. Dad left it where he stopped tilling only a few days ago.  If you have never tried to move a tiller while it is not running, you might want to grab a few robust young men to help you.  Since it was just mom and myself, we felt that we could start it.

Flip the switch to choke, pull the crank, then try to give it a bit more gas before it dies.  We flooded it out once and had to wait a bit to try again.  I almost had it started the second time around but it died.  I got a bit aggrivated and gave the pull cord a mighty heave.

I felt the sting of metal against my skin.  I glanced down for just a moment, just a scratch I assumed as I readjusted the throttle.  Then I grabbed for the pull again.  I kind of froze realising there was an odd deformity on the back of my hand.

“Ummm, Mom?”

She looked up as I held out my hand to her.  I could see the immediate panick in her eyes.  “Is it broken?”

Luckily, I did not break any bones in my hand or wrist for that matter (and no we did not go the the ER to check).  I do believe that I did break one of the veins in the back of my hand. The goosegg went down after liberal application of icepacks for a few hours. I will, however, have quite a bruise across and down my hand. It is already a lovely purpleish color.

So that was my adventure for this weekend, how was yours?


4 responses to “Never backhand a fence post

  1. Yes…that’s a bad idea. Similar to the time when my mother playfully whacked my ass with the flat side of a shovel…but my reflexes were on hyper-drive and I stopped it. With my wrist bone. On the edge of the shovel.

    You know that pain that simply incapacitates? Can’t move your hand at all, can’t hold anything, can’t even move the arm, but it doesn’t hurt *that* badly? Yeah.

    Get better. Start the tiller from a different direction.


    • lol if we could have we would have. That was what started it all. Dad left it at the end of the row when he was done tilling on Thurs. It’s one of those beasts that you can’t maneuver unless you have 3 strapping young men to fandangle the thing. We needed to move it so mom could mow around the garden… *sigh* Oh well. Just looks awful, no pain, just a slight tingling today in my fingers. lol


  2. Gooo! I’m glad you hand is alright Shadow…

    (no adventures for me sadly… no nothing but running around all weekend… 😦 )

    Hope you’re feeling well and the pain hasn’t got you too down. Take care!


    • Luckily no pain at all unless I bump it. How I know it’s not broken anyplace, even in the wrist. Broken an arm before and several toes at some point or another. You remember that kind of pain. All is good.


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