Did you miss me?

Well, I am back!

I still do not have my desktop unit up yet (still waiting on the disk to reformat my hard drive) but I splurged and got something I had been wanting since last year.


It is not a huge unit, just something small to carry around with me so that I can write on the go.  So far, I am enjoying it very much.  The smaller keyboard is not giving me any issues, nor is the touchpad.  I have a portable HD to transfer over files.  I have most of my key programs loaded so I will be ready to rock and roll very soon. Or should I say rock and write!

I can’t wait!



2 responses to “Did you miss me?

  1. YES! I missed you!!! Did you miss me??? 😀

    It’s been a hella couple of weeks Shadow, but I think yous and me made it through alright! The Netbook sounds fun. Are you having fun with it?

    Hope you’re doing well!!


    • I’m doing well and I hope that 2 weeks of Murphy’s Law is over for the both of us.

      I propose that…. ummmm… we write a story on that sometime!


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