Clock Crunching

Well I guess I asked for it, this crazy schedule I am now working.  I might just be getting used to the early mornings since now “sleeping in” is about 7:30. lol

Anyway, it is good to shake up the schedule and mix up the time frames although, I still don’t have enough time to do everything.  The next few weekends is going to be spent on getting my house straightened back up.  Living room is about done, along with my bedroom.  The kitchen is this week’s target of choice or rather target of necessity.

I’ll be sneaking the laptop with me as often as I can to pull these tidbits of stories out of the nether.  “Reform Row” is rolling, Dragon Masque is going to require finding out where I left off after the puter crash.  Hopefully I can pull a flash piece out for Rigor Amortis.   I have an idea, but it needs to be short, very very short.

Kids still have baseball for the next few weeks, 6 games this week I think, I’ll have to look at my calendar.  The weather is darn hot, smothering like blankets over a fire.  Sudden storms pop up, cooling everything down for just a bit before the humidity rises to uncomfortable levels again.  Pool time here, if we can get there.  The next weekend with the boys we’ll try the river, if i can get the car down there.

well back to work, I got myself into some spreadsheet work, it’s a real headache right now, but once it is done it will be easier to keep up with.


One response to “Clock Crunching

  1. Shadow, LOL! You are busy girl!! Good luck with it and keep reminding yourself that you don’t need to do it all at once, if you take small steps then everything will fall into a nice slow ease. 😀 And I WISH I could sleep in until 7:30… my kids don’t understand what the word “SLEEP” means…

    keep on keepin on shadow!


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