Mid-June update

A month ago when I was posting on my blog daily, I noticed that I had at least 10 hits a day on the stat count.  I was ecstatic at the way my count rose.  It made posting here much more fun.

I wondered who my readers were, why the clicked on my blog, did they find it interesting?  Did they come back?

Over the past three weeks, I also noticed that when I did not post, my numbers plummeted into the sidewalk.  Not a fun thing to think about. 

But now that I have access to the computer on a regular basis again, a renewed interest in my own writing, and a desire to repay myself for the new “toy” I bought, I felt that here is where it all has to start again. 

So for now on, there will be progress reports on writing, beading and other things going on. 

So far this week I have put over 1,000 words on Reform Row.  I am to a point where I need to either end the story or let it go on.  Cut it short or reach for the potential?   Yea,  I think you already know the answer to that question. I’ll post word counts as I go.

Beading has found me with some time over the past week.  I have straightened out some of my goodies, sorted through strands and wondered about colors.  I have started a complicated piece.  11 out of 19 rows complete.

Baseball games have been either lost or rained out.  Well J has won one game so far, but Z hasn’t yet.  I did pick up 2 bats for him at a yard sale.  Used but still “live” (what ever the heck that means.)  Butthead says they are too heavy, but maybe he could use them for warm ups. Then he’d swing the bat much faster with a lighter bat.  But what do I know? I’m just female and I never played baseball… right.

Anyway,  new job is going well. Not really a lot to do besides some minor paperwork, filing and come work on the computer.  I voluntarily started on a spreadsheet project.  (what the hell was I thinking?)  Oh yea, trying to impress my bosses.  Old job hasn’t changed much.  I still run that office.  *twitch*

Oh well. Everyone play nice, don’t frighten the neighbors or tie knots in their shoelaces when they are not paying attention.


One response to “Mid-June update

  1. Hey Shadow!

    It’s nice to read that it seems as though your feeling less stress. Great on the output and the goalage! Keep up the good work! (And no, those ten extra hits were probably not from me… :P)


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