Ideas, the starting point

Not much progress in writing yesterday besides going over some stories to get the feel of where I left off before the computer crash.  I am getting used to carying my netbook with me now. Before the ballgames started I had it out and was clicking away happilyas I carried on a converastion with one of the other moms.  Boy did I get some weird looks at that! lol

I have row 12 started on the beadwork project. This is a long slow piece but I should have it complete by next week sometime. 

Now that the formalities are over, what shall I talk about today?

Ideas are always a good place to start.

So where do they come from?  To answer truthfully, everywhere.  Everything is a potential story, from my son talking about mechs to missed call at the ballgame.  For me, ideas are a situation that involves characters and something to resolve.  The resolution is the story.  The characters are the focus.

Sometimes this is a very simple thing to do while others can be quite complicated.  For instance, a baby is crying because it is hungry.   The simple thing to do is grab a bottle or the mother’s breast and feed it. But that is for a human baby, what are you going to do with an alien or a dragon?  Here is where the situation involves more than just a simple solution.

That is where a story starts.  You begin with somthing quite ordinary, add elements to clarify the situation, and follow it through.

Or at least try to keep up with it.


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