aaahhh the sweet smell of Monday

Mondays are usually accompanied by moans and groans of how awful they are.  I know Monday morning is the hardest day to get out of bed for me.  Back to that schedule of jobs, and school, and activities we just keep getting squeezed into our schedules.

But without our Mondays, we don’t have a weekend to look forward to.  Those five (or four) days a week where we must make a living makes a difference.

At one time I worked from home running a day care for little ones.  I had kids at my house 24-7 (meaning my kids were always there.)  I had other people’s kids from about 6 a.m. to sometimes 7 p.m.  I never got away.  Mondays for me was the same as a Saturday, except less kids.

It was not long before I got a part time job just to get OUT of the house.   Yea, I know, nuts right?  Kids during the day and then evenings and weekends at the local burger joint or the grocery story.

Writing can give you the same sort of claustrophobic feel.  You write too long in some sort of genre and you start to feel stale.  No mater what you write, there are going to be times when you feel stuck, unworthy, and even no good.

When you feel like this, stop.  Try something new.  Get yourself out of the rut.


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