Getting into Character

I find that most of my writing is character and situation driven.  Or in other words, it is the character in the situation that drives the story forward.  Now for some this might be a huge problem, as characters are new to each story, but for me, it is not that hard.

I have been going over my notes on the Main Character (MC) for Dragon Masque.  A’tyra is one of my older characters, at first based on a Mass Mulitplayer Online Role Playing Game(MMORPG) called World of Warcraft (WoW).  At first she was a Hunter type, but then as I switched her to a private RP game, she became an arcane fighter.  Parts of her backstory fell into place as we played it out.

From a blue-haired elf woman, she transformed into a small dark haired, kick-ass fighter with a whole shit load of backstory we didn’t have time to deal with.  That is where Dragon Masque comes in.  I get to fill in the gaps of what happens to her before the Hunt even starts.  From her traumatic beginings, her friendship with local dragons, and her friendship of a tinker named Ryssie, I get to write it all.

Perhaps it is a big  project.  A long series that can in fact keep going so long as I have characters to bounce around.  I do have at least three planned and it has the potential of several more if I can write it well.  Then you have the branches of side stories, of other facets of the world from other stories.  It can be quite complex and over whelming if you don’t keep it simple.

However, the story is still character driven.  So far almost 40,000 words in, and I just realized that this needs to be first person.  I had written most of this in first.  I can go back, I will, in fact once I have it complete.  It will make a stronger story.

I have other characters that I RP with.  It is fun.  You don’t have to put them in an adventure, sometimes just chatting with another is a huge eye opener.

Rachel is one of those.  In an effort to help one of my writing friends, I brought her into the conversation.  Since the other writer’s character, Vance, was being difficult, I wanted to see how she would handle him.  She surprised me.  Even though she is a tiny woman, she didn’t back down to Vance’s hostility.  She poked and prodded until Vance answered questions.  She verbally attacked him, finding vulnerable spots that have the potential for stories.

I didn’t know she had that in her.


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