Techniccal Issues

If you deal with computers at any point of time, you are going to deal with technical issues.  Sometimes it’s a simple glitch that restarting the machine will easily fix, while others it is a nightmare to figure out.

Yesterday I had no email.  Since the phone company has been replacing lines I didn’t think much about it until the afternoon when I needed to get an important email out to a bunch of people.  I hit send/receive and watches as a yellow triangle with a red exclamation point popped up.  So I called the phone company, as the error message mentioned that this might be a server problem.  The first call got me no where.  The second person I reached was very helpful and after an hour and a half said it was a Microsoft problem.

The few times I have dealt with Microsoft it has not been a bad experience.  This time, well it was a headache and a half.  After another hour and a half, frustrated, I called a halt to the call.  Microsoft did not solve my problem.

So this morning I come in turn on the computer and guess what?  I have emails sending and receiving on the main account.  That is good enough for me.  The other two are doing something quite different this morning than yesterday so I do believe that it is a technical issue on the phone company’s server, not my computer or Outlook.  *sigh*  oh well.

Writing can be frustrating like that too.  You work towards your goal and when you reread it, you realize you have made a huge technical error.  It might be grammar related, it might be time related, it might be that your character has changed in the course of the story so that the end and beginning are two different people.

Some of it you have to ride out and finish, see where it goes.  Some you have to trouble shoot yourself.  Others, you hand over the pile of papers to someone and ask what do I do?


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