Never as simple as it seems

I don’t know about some writers but a simple rewrite is never as easy as it first seems to be.

I thought that Carnival would be simple; just some rearranging and working on rephrasing.  However, since I wrote the flash piece, I have become more attune to where my conflict lies in the story.

Carnival, as it stands now, has no conflict.

Hopefully, tonight that will change.  I have been thinking of how to go about this.  How to get the affect of the piece right.  I can say that it is much different than the original.  I can see the improvements every time I read through it.

I can’t stop tweaking little parts as I go.  Taking out a piece and putting in a bit more.  I know that I have a few pieces to clarify once it is complete, but I am happy the way this is turning out.

I intended to have this quickly done this weekend.  However, I want to do this right, so will be taking as long as it needs.


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