The end

Tuesday, I seethed; you could probably see the steam rising from the top of my head.  I don’t usually do that.  I can keep my temper in check, but she hit all of my buttons.   She couldn’t find the ad orders, she said I built things the wrong size, she couldn’t find one ad at all!

I’m talking about the 10 hour job that has lingered way too long; nearly 3 months in fact.  At first, no big deal,  I build the ads, format the copy, dummy the paper.  Same as usual right, except I have less time to do it all in.  Boss is supposed to pick up the slack.  Right?

Sure, that is how it is supposed to go…

In reality, she is not at the office, or has her ear stuck to her cell phone, or out walking her dogs.  She still doesn’t get to the office until after 10, sometimes leaving no one there until one of the writers gets there.  She does not read my notes, and if she does, she doesn’t understand it. How much clearer are notes that say: “Please check ads,” “Copy pulled,” and “What is this for?”

I was irked on Monday, boss did not say she was not going to be in the office on that day.  She was taking advantage of a long holiday.  Okay so fine, she takes an extra day, but doesn’t tell me.  She did ask if I was coming in, well of course I was going to.  Just my regular hours in the morning then in the afternoon.  She said nothing about not being there.  I came in on the morning, did my work, and left.  Came home and did some much needed housework, before I went back.

Normal right?  Except for the fire, the very large fire in the middle of town, spewing smoke and and inferno into the sky at 3.  So both of our writers were busy with photos, updating the website, writing stories, etc.  I did go out and get some of my own photos and talked to a few people.  Ended up spending 3 hours up there, instead of an hour and a half.

Paper was dummied, I set the ads so that things would be easier on Tues., and left to head to a baseball game.  I came in the next morning, got the pages I needed to finish done, checked the emails and went to my main job.  I got a call at 1:30, frantic boss asking about ad orders and an ad.  I told her where one of the ad orders was (on her desk in the small pile of papers along with the notes I left her) but I had not seen the ad order for the missing ad.

My rules:  I don’t read minds.  If you want me to build an ad, put the order and copy in my BOX.  I found 2 ads that needed to be built in the ad folder, I had to build them on the fly on Monday afternoon, late Monday afternoon I might add.  Political ads MUST be paid for before they run.  Of course this missing ad is a political ad, and since I had all of the money ready for a deposit Monday I knew that ad had not been paid for as of yet. Also another kink in the thread is the fact that boss had not paid for the image company for several moths.  So any images we want to use has to be searched by hand through books and then you have to try to find the disk that it is contained in.   Depending on if Boss had at some time let someone else borrow the disk or if you could even find it, you had at least a 20 minute search for images ahead of you.

So she freaked.  The ad in question was not on the manifest (from the home office) nor did I have an order or instruction for anything.  It did not get built.  Another ad she thought she had dummied as one size but had put a smaller size on the ad order.  I build what is on the order, not what she scribbled on a paper.  The third ad, she had not bothered to look in the ad folder for.  It was in there.

I didn’t hear anything else on Wednesday.

Thursday she called at 10:30.  At my other job.  Very professional.  Made lots of noise, but basically she had to “let me go.”  “Just not working out.”  HEH!!

Okay I can rant here,  not worth it.  But fact is, she no longer had someone there full time to do all the work, while she got to fuss.  Without me there, things fell apart fast, even with me working 10 hours a week.  It will come down around her ears within a matter of months now.  There is a reason I never took a vacation while I worked there.  Boss could never keep things going.  She dumps her responsibilities on everyone else then when it crashes, well princess boss is not to blame.


It is done now.  I guess I can say I actually got fired!  *laughs*  oh well.  I am sorry to have it end, I liked the paper.  I had pride in working there. But every good thing has to end.


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