So it felt weird not going to the old office this morning. But  matter, I now have more time to write. Although I kind of blew my new morning routine by not getting up until 7.

I forgot to check the word count on Carnival last night. I think it is around 3,000 words.  Before I went to sleep (or tried to)  I wrote out my thoughts on the story so far.  It needs some more back story.  I have already introduced tension between the 2 MC, but I have not gotten into the reasons why.  I know this is going to need more work.  Lots, especially since I have not gotten it all written out yet, but I am thinking ahead to the main conflict. 

The main conflict is a major part of a story.  It is why characters interact and why a reader will read a story. It has to have a reason.  So now I am wondering what is the main conflict here and what is going to happen?

Most of the time, I go into a story with an idea of the main conflict.  I have the characters, I have the setting, and I have something to fight over or for.  As I write, I find out more about all of it, even the tiny details that don’t always make the story. But I know them, more instinctively than active knowledge.

This time I don’t.  Maybe it is because I am not sure what I want to happen.  On one hand, this could be a happy ending story, but I don’t think so.   Perhaps the MC learn something about themselves or each other.  Maybe.  But perhaps this is a story where the conflict happens and both parties leave the same.

I am not sure yet but I have the sneaking suspicion that the third option is the one that is going to happen.  Our hero cannot win, yet the villain cannot go forward.  Stalemate. 

I’ll have to write and think about this more.


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