Unbreaking habits

Habits are hard to break but at times they are harder to create.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing.  That longing to sit down every day and  pour thoughts onto a page.  At first, it was a few distractions, kids, online stuff, MMORPGS, and the all important out on my own.  Thos things had to take front seat instead of what I wanted to do, which was write.   So that longing, absolute need to be in front of the keyboard and write until I was exhausted faded until it was just a dull thought.

I have to get that back.

First step is to write at least 500 words a day, which I completed yesterday.  I didn’t get much over 500, but I did write it. (ps.  the blog does not count) Today I will write another 500, then again tomorrow.  When I start finding the 500 words too easy, then I’ll increase my word count to 1,000 or more.

Second step is to get back to the activities that let my mind wander into those worlds I wrote about; namely, walking.  I always found that I could concentrate on my writing while my feet were moving.  I could go over the next scene, the dialog, the action and the setting and view them mentally.  When I got to the computer, I could sit and smoothly write out what I had decided. There was not that pause that lead to cautious words or the block of idea. Things always went smoothly.

Yes, I got up this morning and walked 2 miles.  I didn’t think much about writing, but I did get back into that rhythm of feet and breath.

Thirdly, a place to write. Now that I have the desktop going again, I can take the netbook over to the couch for an hour, away from the internet and work on writing, editing, ideas or whatever I need. 

These three things are going to help me get back into the habit of writing.

So what are your writing habits?   What things help you find focus so that you can let those words flow?


7 responses to “Unbreaking habits

  1. I tend to find the only thing that focus’ me on writing is simply starting. As soon as I put words to page, I can easily clear 1000 words before I run out of steam.

    The hardest thing I find, is the motivation to do that. Sometimes I think of a subject to write about, but find myself completely uninspired to sit down and actually write it. Though I do think it’s probably good for me not to get into the habit of writing, as I could be writing about something I’ve no interest in, just to keep the habit.

    Good inspiration for myself, is actually looking through the internet at other peoples views, then I find myself inspired by topics and opinions.

    Lovely piece, all the best, Mike.


    • Thank you Mike, however I disagree with you. The act of writing, no matte what the subject is something I feel I must keep doing. So what if I write 500 words of crap, that is just 500 words that proved I was not in my game that day. File it, set it aside, and plan for tomorrow.
      There are so many things to write about, not only things that interest me but those that might spark an interest later on.
      The habits I am aspiring to are the ones that have me longing for my time, my place, my words. Everything just right as I sit here and pour them out. I want to get back to it. Soon.


  2. Personally, I feel quite disappointed in myself if I write 500 words and I feel they’re crap. It’s not because I don’t think it’s a good habit to get into, I’m a slight perfectionist when I write, not in sense of grammar and spelling, but when I look back I like to feel I’ve achieved something worthy of publishing. But that’s just me 🙂

    I see your point though, an idea one day can turn into a whole different thing another. Perhaps it’s something I should try. I wish you all the best with it.



    • I think I would rather write one day of crap, then not write anything at all. Yes it is crap, but I can go back and look at it, dissect it and know why it is horrible. If you write nothing in a day then all you have is, well, nothing. 🙂

      That is what I am going to try to do every day now. From now on. Even if it is crap.


  3. I heard the soft sound of inspiration and followed it here. A few words a day keeps the evil-badness away.

    We all go through low spots. You’ve passed an important test finding your way out of it.

    BTW I, too, am always at my most creative when walking. 😀


    • Hey Ken!

      Heck you know I go up and down. Life keeps wanting to throw me curve balls. But got to claw my way up somehow. Even words of crap are useful. Goodness knows I can spew that out easily enough. 😀


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