Words of crap

Although everything has some sort of usefulness, we don’t always utilize it.

Just like any artist, writers have ups and downs. We have days where we can zip through the thoughts of a manuscript and others where every word is pulled literally from our very soul.  Some days are easy, others are incredibly hard.

On those hard days, we procrastinate, we fiddle and fuss until the day is gone, and usually have nothing to show for it. Those are the days where we need to open up a new page and just write.  It might be a rant about how the next door neighbor mowed over your newly planted garden, or might be some random thought that keeps bugging you.  But the important thing is to get it out.  Put something on the page, then see if you can catch your muse by surprise and get some good words in.

My words of crap are usually the 150 or so words when I first sit down. It is like starting a race with your shoe laces tied together.  You stumble, you tumble, then you attempt to give up for the day.  But after 200 or so words, things begin to even out, I find the words easier.

Yesterday I wrote 306 at lunch in 20 minutes.  Last night I wrote another 600 for RigorAmortis.  I am not sure what my word count is so far today, but the muse is with me.  I am sure I will hit about 700 at some point or maybe more.

I have a goal, 500 words isn’t much, however, even if it is words of crap, I can still see I have done something.


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