Done, or so I thought

I thought I was finished.  Three rounds of layering words and quick slash edits and I thought my work was complete.   Boy was I wrong.

I’m talking about my submission for the Rigor Amorits piece.  My good friend Mornara was kidding around on Twitter one evening.  No, I don’t have the exact tweets but a monster was created.  This is not your normal monster anthology.  Instead, its about love or in some instances lust with the undead, namely zombies.

Yea, love stories and erotica involving zombies.  Interesting combination right?

So as soon as I heard about this I put a few pieces down on paper.  I had ideas but they flat-lined on me.  They didn’t have a zing or go anywhere.  I pretty much forgot about it until Monday.

Tuesday had me frantically typing out something.  Just a skeleton of an idea.  Tuesday night, I plowed through the rest of it. Wednesday, I added more, rewrote what I did the day before, then sent it out to a few people to read. More edits and by the time I went to bed last night, I thought I had a pretty solid story.

Or so I thought.

I have been keeping my promise to myself about walking. So far, that two-mile jaunt has left me feeling revived in the morning. My thoughts are more clear. I have a bit more energy.  In fact, writing is a bit easier; this morning proved it.

I reread my story before I went out to walk, some little itch still bothering me about it. The beginning was not quite as fluid as I wanted. It was the voice and actions of the MC that was not as smooth as I wanted. The story in itself was okay, it just need some polish.

As I walked, I felt it fall together.  Two miles seemed a long way to get back to my computer. 

I added 150 words, smoothed out the rough spots, filled in some gaps.  With just a bit more love, I think this story will be ready.


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