Skipping around

Most of the time I write in a liner fashion.  I go from scene to scene as the story dictates, building on what went on earlier to carry what I am writing about now.  There are exceptions, especially with flash pieces, where you start then have to back up a bit to clarify what is going on but most of the time I follow the story just like you will read it.

Shattered Soul, a series I am working on, has been a living piece for a while.  It is a similar world to our Earth but magic and more advanced technology work side by side.  Here we find the first book, Dragon Masque, just beginning.  So far, almost 40,000 words in with a planned word count on first draft at about 90,000 words. But today, while I was walking, I tried to focus on what scene to write next, instead I jumped ahead to a few different places in the other stories.

Instead of fighting this urge to write them, I am going to embrace them, put them on paper and then set them aside.  I am sure that they will fit in easily as they fit the outline, I just don’t know for sure when they will be used.

So today I will write a scene where Ty (A’tyra) goes shopping, *twitch*.  It will be somewhat humorous as Ty never shops, she hardly thinks of herself as a girl.  The subject of the shopping will be to find something to wear for a party her friend is hosting.  And no this does not require a dress,  something more casual.  lol  Poor Ty.

Next part will be in the third book of the series.  It’s complicated without the backstory, but essential to the plot.  I might post a tidbit of them later.


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