It was a mixed bag of emotions that I opened an email containing my rejection from Rigor Amortis.

Disappointed that once more I had not made the cut, yet relieved that I had another chance to rework the piece.  Now that I look at it, the transitions between the paragraphs needed smoothing.  Also the second part needs a bit more depth.

I am glad that I am taking the chance in getting published.  These short stories are teaching me a lot.  Pacing, transitions, how you even go about the story itself, are all things that are critical to any sort of work.  With flash fiction, stories of 1,000 words or less, you might be able to skip a few of the normal requirements such as character depth, but you have to hit on most.

“Longing” will be subbed out starting tomorrow evening.

Dragon Masque is quickly coming up on 40,000 words. I am still working on Carnival and going to be picking up my piece from May’s Shock Totem entry sometime soon.

Publication is only a matter of time.


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