Messy writing

Writing a novel is messy, very messy.

I have one novel under the bed.  One of these days I’ll drag it back out and rewrite it.  Yes, I did say rewrite it.

Since I still consider myself “new” at this process I still have not gotten all of the kinks out of my process.  I don’t outline, not really.  I don’t have reams of ideas lying around.  In fact, I have very little concrete ideas out in the open. All I have are ideas, scenes, characters and fragments of things that I could work into a piece.

Mostly I start out with just those tiny things.

Then I add to it.  While I am writing the darn thing.

For a lot of writers and authors, this just isn’t done.  They go with the plan, stay within the boundaries they forged.  A lot of times they don’t give the random idea a chance because it will require work. They might put it somewhere else, but not now, not this time.

Last night I tried to stay within my badly drawn lines for Dragon Masque.  A nibble of an idea started edging its way into my thoughts.  The words I put on the page got harder and harder to  type until finally I put it on there.  Then the words flowed.  They nearly wrote themselves.

I’ll be over 39,000 words tonight.  Depending on how the words flow might even get closer to 40,000.  I won’t know until tonight.

However I do know one thing, with that one idea, I have some writing earlier to clean up.l


2 responses to “Messy writing

  1. I feel your pain. I loved having an outline though. It made my brain not hurt so bad. I mean I had sooo many ideas, I couldn’t do all of them, so I chose the best and let the others go. Or, actually I kept them they can be reworked to fit something else.

    I do think however that when I didn’t follow my outline I got my best stuff. Letting the jucies flow worked about 70% of the time. However it got me in trouble a few times, its why I went from a 70k novel to a 100k

    To each their own of course. But without a mold, a cookie is just a lump of dough, it’s tastey and delicious but still.. 😀


    • Oh you know me, pantser all the way. Still, I do a tiny bit out outlining, just to keep on track.

      Oh and all cookies are lumps of dough. We just insist on shapes once in a while.


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