Writing Plugs

During #zinechat on Twitter the other evening, “If you cannot buy publication, please support them in any way you can.”  (Sorry, I had trouble finding the exact post, so if it was you, let me know and I’ll put your name in here.) 

I don’t have a lot of money, why I have been reading a lot of e-zines on the web.  They are free, for the most part, or require only a small donation to access.  (Yes I cann afford $15 for a year of stories! Just not all at once.)  Most of these places are small publications that have a very narrow market, yet they have some phenomonal writers. 

I am going to make a weekly plug for these small press opperations and some comments on what I have found. Yea, its another habit I am not going to break, or at least try not to.

Crossed Genres is a wonderful publication.  They just announced their winners for the Science in My Fiction contest.  They are also having a sale! 25% off all merchendice.  They have montly themes for their publication so if you want to submit, please follow the guidelines.

GUD  Greater Uncommon Denomonator, has Science Fiction with a twist.  Right now you can grab 5 issues (PDF format) for whatever price you want! 

Shock Totem now has its second issue out.  I loved the stories in #1 and I am looking forward to peeking at #2.

And Last for this week, Apex Books.  This small publishing company promises first rate publications.  They have already had great reviews on some of the manuscripts already in circulation.  They also have an online magazine and I have been going through the back issues with delight.

So there you go,  this weeks writing plugs.  I might not be able to buy them all right now, but I can help others find what they want to read.

Good luck!


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