Mid-work crisis

As I said yesterday, I hit 41,000 in my longer WIP, Dragon Masque, but today I look at the product and wonder what the heck I am doing.

It’s pretty common actually for a lot of writers to hit a point in a manuscript and then doubt if they will ever finish it.  Usually this happens at about the 30,000 to 50,000 word mark when they start bringing the conflict into focus but before the slow wind down of the end.

Over Twitter, I hear a lot of writers have this kind of doubt in all sorts of publications.  This midpoint slump is where you really become a writer.  This is where the focus pays off.  (yea… this is where us pantsers start to panic)

Not using an outline has some definite disadvantages and this midpoint crisis is only one of them.  You are not quite sure how to pull it all off but still unwilling or unable to make a roadmap of how it is going to end.

This is my second novel.  Color of Shadows is still being held in revision stage.  But I did write it.  I pulled myself through that mid-life crisis and pulled the thin threads of plot together to the end.

Dragon Masque is not going to be any different.


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