Your support system

When a person starts on an artistic endeavor, not everyone is going to understand and support them on their journey.  Art, whether painting, writing, sculpting or other art form, is very subjective.  Even if you love it, there are going to be grimaces and people who just are not going to “get” it.

I would say most of my family is not aware I am a writer.  An artist, yes, as I often wear my beaded creations and occasionally show off my drawings (maybe after some prodding that is.)  Except for my mother, I don’t think anyone else realizes what I do with my time.  It’s not that I hide it, it is just that the rest of my family gives me this blank look when I begin to speak of phrasing, alliteration, proper punctuation and such.  Even the few book discussions I have had with my sisters have resulted in strange looks. (I think I agree with @sandykidd on why vampires sparkle.)

On the other hand, my kids cheer me on while writing.  Sometimes they even help. How much help can a 13 and 11 year old do?  you may ask.  Well, they allow me time to write, they help with the housework, and most importantly they let me kick around some silly ideas  just for fun.

Then there is my wonderful boyfriend, B, who has been essential in helping me get words on the page.  He reads all of my work, great and not so great.  He asks questions and most importantly asks how the writing is going.  Without you Baby, I never would have started this again.

Then there are the absolutely wonderful people online.  Ryssie, my personal Beta reader who might not always like my stories, but lets me vomit random thoughts onto an IM screen.  Kuro, Havoc, Silv and Miss Hinny who all help me forge some words together.  All of the people on the forums: Lighthouse Refuge, the long dead Fifthwind, Shock Totem and a few others that I don’t visit as much as I should.  And all of the folks on Twitter whose excitement about writing never lets me give up hope.

Thanks everyone!


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