About that…

Remember when I posted about my new schedule?  About how I was going to write every day and get some exercise.

I am going to encourage everyone to do it.

Writing can be very solitary.  We get lost in our little realms and forget things like socializing, outdoor activities, and occasionally how to speak to another human being.

Okay perhaps it is not that bad, I mean most of us have Evil Day Jobs where we must at least perform human-like activities.  Some of us actually have to act like we enjoy our jobs so that we can keep the internet on. 😉  (I actually like my job, but it is lacking in human interaction a lot of the time.)

But anyway, writers put their bodies through a lot of abuse.  We spend hours in front of a computer screen, we don’t get up and move for hours at a time, and we tend to get lost in our little worlds.  (Baby, if you ask me a question and I answer in character, don’t worry, for a writer it is normal.)

Things like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, and pain in the back and shoulders are very common.

There is a really simple solution:  go walk.


I started walking again a month ago.  My wrists no longer ache like they had been.  (Of course my knees and hips argue some mornings but that is normal.)  I get up on time without hitting the snooze button several times.  I am eager to start the day again.  (No I am not one of those crazy morning people either!)

My writing has also changed.  From taking 2 hours to write a measly 500 words, I can down 1,000 in nearly an hour.   The work is smoother, although it is still just  a rough draft.  The muse is harnessed more easily into new work.

Since I started both at the same time, I am not sure which is feeding which, but I am sure not going to stop it.

Walking and writing every day continues.

Come walk with me.


One response to “About that…

  1. A really interesting post, thanks for sharing. With having an Evil Day Job too, for me writing is an evening activity with the onus on staying awake rather than waking up, but I would so prefer to write in the morning when the mind is fresh. Very jealous! Sounds liike a great routine, hope I can try it some time.


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