Wimpy MC

So looking at my Work In Progress (WIP) last night, I realized something.  Kind of a big thing really.  One of those things that make you want to stub your toe so you have a legitimate reason to say not nice words.

My MC is a wimp.

So far she has not shown the tenacity and spirit that I know is in her.  Right now, she is being pushed around by fate and not putting up much of a fight.  I had such high hopes for her.

Oh well, this can be fixed, actually it will be fixed in Draft 1.  I realize I have a lot of rewriting to do.  Every night it grows but you know what?  It isn’t so bad now that I know how.

I’ll hit 50,000 words tonight in Dragon Masque.  I expect 30,000 to 40,000 words to finish it.  Then, well, I’m going to let it sit.  I have a few short stories to work on, some drafts of things I need to get back to, and maybe start on another large work to start.  Yea, lets face it, I have an addiction.  Writing.  Nothing wrong with it, I just need my MC to straighten her a$$ up.


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