50,000 words so what is it about?

I have reached a mile-stone in writing a novel.  50,000 words or for those who aren’t writers, just about half-way to the end.  I only wrote 500+ last night so I finished my goal this morning.  Yea me!

Last night B asked me what I was writing about.  You really should have heard me try to avoid answering that question.  He didn’t ask for details, yet I found I was kind of reluctant to answer.

Now for a lot of people this would be a problem, I have spent several months on this project, yet, I am not able to spurt out a basic concept of the manuscript.  I can blame several things, but for the most part it is because I am a pantster or organic writer.

There is a huge discussion in writing forums, Twitter, and even in writing groups as to what is the best process to write a novel, a novelette or even a short story.  Many people use the outlining method, where they have all of the events in the writing planned out and all they have to do is follow the dots.  On the other hand, there are the pansters who just sit with a few ideas (basically point A and point Z) and start writing letting the characters and actions lead the work wherever it might lead.

Both techniques work, obviously, otherwise there would be no debate on whether it works or not.  Each writer finds his or her own way of writing.  Some like quite and solitude, others  have music or white noise going in the backgroung.  I even know some that have movies going while they write.

But I don’t think every writer knows what their book is about until they reach the end of the story, whether it is 100,000 words or 100.  They might have an idea even a good idea, but things will always jump out at you to change the focus of the writing.

For now I can say that Dragon Masque is a story about a woman who has holes in her past.  She enlists the help of a previous teacher to help her find out why her life has gone downhill suddenly.

Yes I know it is vague, I’m not going to get into much detail as I don’t know the focus of it all yet.  I won’t know that until I reach “The End>”

So can you give us a brief description of your WIP?  It does not have to be involved or even long.  Sometimes a few words is all you need.


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