Music feeds the writing

I often find it amazing at how much the surrounding noise affects my writing.  Some days I have absolute silence while I write, but others I am headbanging and singing to whatever Pandora decides to spit out at me. Then there are the days that the boys are home, one on the Wii and the other on the PS2 playing shoot’em ups and racing games respectively.

The days things are quiet, are the days when I struggle with my writing.  For some reason those words that I pull out of my head are much harder to tease out.

The days I am rocking to Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, or Shinedown I find the words just flow and it does not take long at all to put 1,000 on the page.  Other days I want something a bit softer, so I put on soundtracks from movies or even offer up a specific composer to Pandora.

I usually have a foot tapping out the rhythm and my fingers rush to the beat.  Different songs will influence the tone of my work, but if the rhythms are mostly the same then I don’t pause in between songs.  I just “Keep Moving On.”

I love music, rarely is there times when my house is silent anymore.  If I can’t find what I like on the radio, then I can always turn to the online radio stations for my fix.

Even my blogs are influenced by music.  One of the local radio stations has a 70s and 80s  flash back.  Songs from when I was growing up play.

So what kind of music influences your writing?  Is there something in particular you listen to or is it a mix?


2 responses to “Music feeds the writing

  1. Lately, I have been listening to rock as well. It helps me get into the voice of the main character. She’s a little rough around the edges. When I am writing in Spencer’s voice though, I play music like Ry Cuming, and Joe Brooks, a little Colbie Calliat. He’s smooth like that.


    • I’ll have to try those musicians.
      And yes sometimes it takes a rough and edgy beat to get the character right.


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