Draft 0

The first draft of a story is never what it will turn out to be once it is finished.  I make a lot of false starts, plug in and take out ideas.  Story writing is a creative process that takes time and practice to learn.

I don’t mind starting over in a draft, so long as that story is finished.  I don’t delete; you never know when one of those stray ideas that you plug in is going to pull you out of a rut sometime later with another story.

As I have said before, I am a panster writer.  I don’t work well with outlines, nor do I follow them once I write them.  Dragon Masque is a perfect example of this.  For once, I thought I had it pretty much mapped out.  I was going to try to work with an outline.  I found that my characters reacted violently towards the destiny I had in mind for them.

My world and work came tumbling down.  I stalled out. I could not work within my walls.

So I scrapped it and let the plots, characters, and events flow free.

Of course I have a mess on my hands now, but I have 52,000 words instead of 35,000.

Heh,  whatever works.


2 responses to “Draft 0

  1. lol Well I call it draft 0, like in ground 0. This is the basement of all rewrites. I used to write it all in notebooks. Typing is much faster! 🙂

    Draft 1 will be where I put all of the pieces together and hopefully have a coherent story.


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