I am not ready!

Amazingly enough, I am coming to to the edge of the end of my manuscript.  Even though it only has 56,000 words currently, I seem to be heading towards the great fight and wind down a little faster than I thought.

I had hoped that the first draft would be at least 70,000 words but I don’t know if I am going to get there.  I know it is only 14,000 words, and at my pace will be about 2 weeks, but I had hoped for more.

Maybe I am not disappointed.  I mean, I wrote another novel.  Yea, it has holes and things that need to be fixed, but I did write it.  I have another planned after this, and another after that.

I will be taking a month off of Dragon Masque so that I can let it rest before I dig back into it.  I think I will start the second of the series immediately, and then jump back and forth between edits and writing.

So what do you do when end a story? Do you start with the next in the series or do you dive into edits?


2 responses to “I am not ready!

  1. Hi Shadow, congratulations, your pace of writing is really impressive, I wish I could write that fast. If you are trying to up the word count you could always look at whether the plot needs extending in some way, whether the character journeys are complete or something is missing/could be added. Or something which ramps up the tension even further before the big battle?

    About your question, I started doing the groundwork for the next novel, working out the overall story arc, the characters and their journeys… more structure than prose. I left a bit of time before diving back into the previous book for edits, as every time I spot different things, and the longer I leave it the more I spot!


    • That is probably quite true!

      This draft, I am calling it 0, hopefully has all of the things that I’ll need to hammer, straighten and polish out later. (In my head I am already replotting the story eeesh)

      I really tend to just throw everything in then sort it out later. Including research. This is going to need just a bit of it to clarify everything. Been ages since I went through my research on dragons, and I want my ideas straight.

      Yes, there is still a lot of work to do. I’ll hit 60,000 words this week sometime. Then it will be a quick slide to the end. I don’t think 70,000 is bad for a first draft. 20,000 will be pretty easy to hit with more character development and descriptions (avoiding purple prose please)

      Thanks for reading!


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