Darn, I’m Tired.

I’m not really sure who is more tired today, me or my boys.

My day started like usual with the alarm clock, after a night of directing children in the fine art of housecleaning  (no not very successful yet), and writing 1700 words for the day.  I decided to roll back over for 30 minutes after my knee had started to complain the day before so I gave my walking a vacation.

But today was no ordinary day.  Here in the middle of nowhere school starts early, as in before Labor day.  Now for some, this seems quite odd but in reality it works out quite well for the community.  School gets out in mid-May. Summer school starts only a week later so school is over for the year at the end of June.  The kids have a nice 6 week break before the parents threaten to hang them in the trees or shove them in closets. 🙂

As the alarm went off again I rolled out of bed and began to turn on lights.  I heard the mumbles of displeasure as the boys began to wake up. I jumped in the shower getting my own day started.  By the time I got out the kids were curled up in their blankets again.  Often makes me wish I lived in the country and had a bullhorn.

Eventually they got up, dressed, and ready for the day, actually without a lot of trouble.

Work was a haze of emails, paperwork, and phone calls.  I’m not really sure if I actually completed anything, but I think I did.

Kids didn’t have homework tonight, but that will probably change tomorrow.

My day will start earlier than normal tomorrow, work-wise anyway.

Go Team!



2 responses to “Darn, I’m Tired.

  1. Wow, even though it seems to be about the same amount of time off, that just seems so late to me. But 20 odd years ago we didn’t start school until after Labor Day. I don’t remember when we got out, probably end of May or early July.


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