59 and counting

No, it is not my birthday, my age, or even the age of either of my parents.  (counts carefully to make sure.)

It is the thousands of words so far on this manuscript.

It seems like a lot doesn’t it?

In fact, 59,000 words would fill about 236 printed pages. My goal of 70,000 will fill about 280 pages.

Heh,  all that math that I thought I would never use, yea, there it is, right back at me.

Way back in December I started this story, I kind of broke away from it and set it aside for quite a while. Now I am  working towards finishing it.  Of course, this is only a first draft, and I have a long way to go in the story. I might just try this sort of editing on Dragon Masque, a one pass editing that although looks complicated, seems to make sense.  Also, if I do edit this way, it looks to make later books easier.  I shall have to at least attempt it.

Goal for this weekend is hit 65,000 words.  1,000 or more tonight.  At least 2,000 on Sat and on Sun.

What are you goals for this weekend?


8 responses to “59 and counting

  1. Wow – great goals! Right now I’m looking at the publishing side of things, mostly because I’ve finished the writing itself (and I’ve read through it, edited it, ad infinitum, you know the drill). (Mine runs 83,000 words (thank you word count!), incidentally.)

    For what it’s worth, I’m leaning in the direction of indie publishing, either through CreateSpace.com or Lulu.com – my efforts with query letters resulted in zilch, and frankly, the traditional publishing world feels like a crapshoot. (Of course, some would say the same about indie publishing, but I feel like I’ll have more control over the process.)

    Best wishes with your writing – I’d love to hear how it turns out.


    • Hi Tom, welcome to my blog.

      Congrats on your word count!
      I have not tried the query process yet, but through twitter and other sites I know it can be a very long process.
      Indie press is also a good way to get published, but you will be doing a lot of your own promotion for your writing. Not that you won’t with a major publisher, but more of it will rely on you.
      I am learning more and more about the process and at times it can take a while.
      In the mean time, are you writing more novels or short stories?


      • Writing-wise, I have a few short story ideas – really a couple of older short stories that I want to revisit (and possibly revise) and one new one, which the other day I was even considering whether it has the legs to be a novel. I’m inclined to aim for short story, and then if there really is more there, I can pursue that – I’m not so sure it works the other way around.

        Best wishes with the writing.


      • You’re correct, Shadow, that the query process takes a while. I would like to explore your assumption that the large trade houses support writers much better than the small independent houses. The large publishers can certainly get your book onto more shelves. But the indies, because their survival depends on your book making its sales numbers, will provide as much staffing and budget as they can afford. And to speak the truth, most often the author is on his or her own to promote that first title whoever publishes it. Best wishes.


        • Sorry that I was not being clear in my earlier post. I do know the query process takes a long time and agents want to find the best home for each publication. Some will find a great home in Big Houses. Others will find homes in Indie Presses. Other writers will be happy with self publishing. (and I think Tom was pointing at self publishing.)

          I personally have not started any query process. I am not ready to and I know it. I currently have a one novel complete, one just over 60K and several short stories in the works. I have just started sending out submissions of my work.

          I have a great respect of all that goes on in publishing in all facets of the industry. Each has their own place to satisfy readers’ needs. I do not think that any are better or worse than the other. It just depends on where your work fits in.

          I have met a lot of great people from Indie Presses and that are wonderfully enthusiastic of everything they promote. You cannot help but be impressed and caught up in that enthusiasm.

          And you are right, I have read many times that most authors spend their first advance in promoting the first book. So really, the author’s work is never done. First writing, edits, rewrites and then promotion while the process starts over again, no matter what publication venue they use.


  2. Hey Shadow!!!!!!

    Great word count and great goalage too, hon!! Keep up the rockin work! I miss ya bunches and I have bestowed an award to YOU at my blog!! Come by and pick it up girl!! I hope you are doing well! Can’t wait to talk to you soon!!

    happy writing to you, lady!!


    • Hey Girlie! *hugs*

      Thanks for the nomination. I’ll come by and pick it up soon. 🙂
      Miss talking to you too! And yep, things are going well.

      Hope to see you back to writing soon.


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