Untitled… so when will I name it?

The novel following Dragon Masque has begun.  This weekend wrote at nice fat 3,000 words on it and so far today another 400.  Word goal is again 1,000 with what ever I get on the weekend.

As I mentioned on Friday’s post, Crosswords and conversations, my friend Diane is helping me quite a bit with this one.

Ryssie is an absent minded, good-hearted tinker who gets mixed up in a job Ty ends up getting hired to do.  Their personalities are polar opposites in most respects. Rys is more of a happy as you go kind of person while Ty is much more controlled and uptight.  Ty is a planner, Rys is not.  But they both have a very high moral standard and as the story goes on, they find out that they need to cooperate in order to solve what is going on.

So do you have characters that are opposites that must learn to work together, or are your characters from the same type of mold?


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