The writing community

When I started writing, I had no idea how difficult it was to become published.  I always found inspiration in the stack of novels beside my bed. I wrote a few short stories, snail mailed them in and received my rejections.

It was not until I got on a computer and nosed my way around that I realized that there is a whole community of writers out there, just like me. I had no idea about slush readers, I had only a vague idea of what an agent did and I thought most editors were English majors.  I only knew the main genres of writing, romance, sifi, horror, action/thrillers, and my favorite, fantasy.  I did not realize that so much of what I read fell into sub-genres such as steampunk, bizarro, and so many other things.

I knew about the process of writing, the everyday goals that need to be met, I could and still do that.

I didn’t know what went on behind the scenes.

Now, I find myself wanting to do a whole lot more.  I want to improve my writing, but how?  Looking at a book and picking out what makes it great will not make you a great writer.  Slushing through submissions, talking to other writers, discussions about what works and what does not, WILL make you a better writer.

I am just getting my feet wet in the world of writing.  I have received my first ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) to read and review.  I would at some time, like to start slushing and work with someone who has done so for a while.  I want to learn, because I know, that with just a bit more work, I can get this right.

And here, in this community of writers is where I belong.


2 responses to “The writing community

  1. I’ve always loved to write, but unitl I joined a writing group a year ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The good news, I love it. I love the community, I love the process, I love learning. It’s been an amazing year. Good luck in all your ventures!


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