Unexpected… In memory of Tia Brink

So many people have made connections on the digital world.  People find communities in which they belong, friends and even love over the internet.  When you log off at night, you expect them to be there the next day.

So when I logged on to Twitter this afternoon, I felt as though the metaphorical “rug” had been yanked out from beneath me.

Tia, is gone.

I met her on Twitter just a few very short weeks ago.  @ShadowCastAudio had posted a link about her.  Editor, cohort and friend, he was trying to raise some money for her medical expenses.  Unable to work because of a heart condition, Tia was offering an editorial rate hard to believe.

I followed her and got caught up in some of the most bizarre tweets.  It was fun, well from my side it was, but perhaps Jason didn’t think so.  (Or maybe he did having 3 girls ganging up on him.)  I didn’t know Tia well but I hope the fun we had made her days brighter.

I did not know her well and never had the chance for her to whip one of my stories into shape.

But still I will miss her.

Sleep well Tia, see you on the other side.

PS  if you would like to donate to the family you can do so here.


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