Will you be my writing partner?

Writing is mostly a very singular occupation, especially when you are just starting out.  Instead of going out with friends, you find yourself tucked in a corner typing madly before the muse decides to desert you.  Me, I don’t mind so much.  I don’t go out often and it is very easy to get lost in a story when it gets rocking.

What I have found is that my moods about writing goes up and down.  I will go for weeks, barely able to keep up with ideas.  Then, it starts to dwindle and slow down.  Finally, it gets to where I can hardly stand to sit at the keyboard at all. That darn muse whispers in my ear, and darn if the whole cycle does not start up again.

After listening to several people, I kind of realize that I need someone to be my writing partner.

I am not talking about co-writing a piece with someone, although that would be fun. What I am talking about is someone local (within an hour’s drive) that I could go meet once every week or two to discuss writing.  Someone to set goals and punishments (if necessary) and look over each other’s work.

This is different than beta reading in that the two of us would be working on projects and tossing ideas around when we get stuck.  Beta reads require that the work already be done, while writing partners can provide a much needed sounding board when you get in a rut.

Fresh eyes and new ideas are always welcome in my viewpoint of writing.  I really feel that I need that kind of push to help me to the next level. Critique would be offered for anything from both sides.

So is there anyone out there willing to be a writing partner?  I’d really love to have someone face to face, but an internet connection would do as well?


6 responses to “Will you be my writing partner?

  1. Have you looked into local writing group? I joined RWA just so I could join one of the local chapters. That’s where I’ve found alot of the resources you’re looking for.


    • I actually have.
      Larger writing groups are in St. Louis or Kansas City, but they are 3 hours away.
      Springfield is supposed to have a writing group, but they have not updated their website for the past few months.
      I have no idea if Lebanon has one, but there is a small group in Waynesville, but they only meet on Fridays when I work.
      I can’t drive far right now (have an exhaust valve stuck in the car) and simply cannot see spending 6 hours on the road for a writing meeting at this time. Once I am better, yes I can see myself doing that.
      I am going to try to attend the next writers meeting in Springfield, if I can find out when they meet next. Perhaps I can find someone then.


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