So what did you bring?

If you clicked on this expecting a present or a huge piece of chocolate cake, I am afraid I am going to have to disappoint you. This isn’t about what you get in a physical sense, but what you can bring to the table in a relationship.

Oh goodness no, I’m not talking about romance! goodness no!

Everyone has some talent that they bring to a group.   Some of us are funny, some of us are serious, some know ins and outs of programing while others can dissect a manuscript. When you join a community, especially online, you have to figure out what place you fit into. In the writing community, we tend to seek people who write in the same style and genre we enjoy reading.  It takes a bit of jostling, but we all find out niche.

But when you join a one on one relationship with one or two people, such as writing buddies, you find you have to cover different rolls than you do in a larger group.

Often, I am a supporter in any group.  That stead-fast person who is always at your back. I rarely ever step forward, but now I am finding it easier and easier to do so.  I am trying to volunteer some of my time back into the writing community. I am beta reading for other writers.

But what else can I do?

I know some about small publishing of newspapers and so have tried to answer questions on formatting with programs like Open Office and Word.  I know that there are often formatting issues between programs and I can offer advice on how to fix it.

I can also offer a different viewpoint about rural life.  I have found that a lot of authors I know live in urban areas and do not have knowledge of farm or rural areas.  (some days it is funny to hear people talk of crickets and such ) I can offer advice and antidotes of my own growing up.

What elements you are proficient at when you join a group?  You do not have to be an expert at something, but you do have to bring carrots (or chocolate cake) especially if you join a working relationship.

What do you bring?


4 responses to “So what did you bring?

  1. It’s great to hear that you’ve jumped into Betaing, Shadow! Your advice and crits are always amazing I can’t imagine what you would bring to a novel! Have fun with it and good luck!! You’re going to kick major ass, I know it!

    As for what I bring… well… when I’m not battling with real life, I feel that I give good comments and can help with my own crits and comments. Thankfully, my life is falling back into the place where I like it to be and I hope I can start critting some more… oh, and sometimes, I’m funny 😀

    I hope you are doing very well, and I hope to talk to you again real soon!!


    • KARA!!!! HUGS!

      I am so glad to see you! I have missed you!
      I am glad things are going better and that you will have time for writing again.


  2. I would love to bring humor and I will try but that’s not always recieved because I’m too subtle. So, I fit into the more serious style perhaps. I do love to write a good comment that feels heartfelt and original too. I hope to be informative in a group but I feel I’m great at bringing an excitement of what we’re accomplishing and an understanding of others that I can share with them. I also want to learn from others.


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