The Edge of the Water

You know that feeling when you look over the edge of a really big rock into the cool waters below?  Your stomach clenches up, your heart races, and you feel kind of dizzy.  You back up wondering if the water is deep enough.  You see your friends run and jump off, the water almost reaches up to embrace them as they fall.

For me, jumping into the writing community has been like that.  I have been dancing on the edge of it, wondering if I am in over my head. I watch the water swirl and eddy around,  as different genres tangle and combine.

I cheer them on as my fellows jump into that deep pool.  Heads vanish only to reappear laughing, giddy at the accomplishment.  Over and over they climb out, rush around and then leap forward again.

I shuffle forward, led on by compliments.  I can see my own improvement as time goes by. I hold back, not quite ready, although I desperately want to join those in the waters below.

Someone tugs my hand.

Another presses gently at my back.

Bodies behind me press forward.

Caught up in the rush I can no longer turn away.

I close my eyes, lean forward….

(someone give me a push, okay?)


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