A lesson in tolerance

I got an email this morning that really set me off.  It was from a person working in another office connected to mine. I  do not know this person well but if her views are as narrow minded as this email she forwarded me… I may not ever want to meet her.

I live in a rural Mid-west town.  Most of the people here have a long family history and can tell you stories of not only their grandparents but great and great-great-grandparents.  Population is small, only about 2,000 people and everyone pretty much knows everyone else.

With such a small society, it is easy for things to stagnate.  Easy for people to resist change.  Easy for them to put blinders on and not notice the world around them.

This email I received this morning is just one of the things that irritate me about this small town life. The email contained several photos of Muslims praying on a city street in New York City.  There were police there, however, it seemed to me to be just to stop traffic and to chase the hustlers away.  Peaceful.

I did not appreciate the comments about political correctness and how Muslims are taking over the U.S.

What burned my tail was the comment a professional woman made in her email to me:

Amazing how they are free to worship wherever….

I had to sit on my hands to not type back:  Amazing how YOU are free to worship wherever…

I held my tongue, or fingers rather and said nothing.

I can understand that people view Muslims with caution. But one set of acts by one small, very small, group should not validate that all Muslims, Buddhists, or any other religion are suicide bombers or terrorists.  The biggest majority of these people have been persecuted, hunted, and escaped here to provide a safe living for their families.   They want no more than what we do.

What is so alarming about that?

I did not participate or even dwell on any of the 9-11 events even online. Yes it was an incredible wake up call for the country. Yes it opened our eyes that we could be attacked.  YES it was a tragedy.

But in no way does it mean that we have the right to single out a population for persecution.

When you show fear, you will get aggression in return.

Let us remember those who died (Christians, Muslims, Wiccans, and all of them) with honor, open our minds to understanding and prevent this from happening again.


11 responses to “A lesson in tolerance

  1. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it’s been making me to see more people -standing up for- the Muslim people in our country. It seems that not all of the population are hate-mongering idiots.

    The worst result of the 9-11-2001 tragedy is the fear and hatred it sparked.


  2. Division and fear are always the weapons of terrorists. No matter what differences we need to overcome between communicies and faiths, we are all human beings with the same needs. Let them not divide us.


  3. One of my cousins sent me likely that same email. I went directly to Snopes.com and sent her the information there. I’ve not heard back from her since. And that was about a month ago.


    • Mari, gggha… I dislike those darn things anyway. plus they are filled with potential tracking junk. I did not think of checking Snopes.com. I’ll try that next time.

      Hey Scott, have you been writing daily? Fear is the wedge that will divide us. It has before, it will again.

      TS, thanks for dropping by, if more stood up, those left behind might begin to feel a little foolish hunh?


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