One little problem, or maybe just another novel…

There is a movement on Twitter, at least among us writerly types, about #10bythen.  It is a little motivation group that encourages each writer to have 10 submissions out by the end of the month.  Now, many of these participants are very accomplished writers and are very well versed in their style and the genre they write in. They might have stories that they just brush off and do a bit of editing, then send it off, or they can write an entirely new piece in just a few hours.

I am not to that level yet.  I do have shorts (stories, not clothing) sitting in my files, I know that they need work, however, I am not always sure what to fix and what to leave.  I know my grammar is pretty sound, dialogue flows well, sometimes my settings need a bit of work but my characters are pretty rounded, one of my best writing traits I think.

I do send my work out to other people to see what they think and if possible what issues I have with the writing. Lately on the last few pieces the feedback has been very encouraging. They have only been suggesting a few tweaks.  What?  Just a few?  That can’t be right..

A friend suggested I join Online Writing Workshop a critique group for F/SF/Horror.  It has a monthly fee, but the first month is free.  So I took a look, signed up and made two critiques before submitting my first.  I received my first one today.  Very positive.  Only a few things the reader wanted expanded on… but then, he/she wanted to know if I was going to expand this into a novel or at least a much longer short story. (Origional was just under 2200)

So now I have an issue.  I can fix the story and submit or I can rework it to something longer.

This short was not something I planned,  in fact, it kind of crept up on me. I wrote it so that I would quit bothering me. (all you writers out there know what I mean)  But I am really not sure what to do with it now.  I could justify expansions by one critique, or I could go ahead and send it out and see what the world thinks.

What would you do?


2 responses to “One little problem, or maybe just another novel…

  1. Solidify the short. See if you can answer more questions without expanding the story too much. Make it as good a short as you can. Worry about a possible novel as a separate thing.


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