One of the goals of a writer (not every goal of every writer mind you) is to get published.  Whether it is to validate our own self esteems, pay, or the sharing of a story, every writer has dreams of being published.

Getting published is not easy.  First of all there is the story, then the edits, then submissions.

Stories can be generated from prompts, ideas of your own, or spin-offs of other works.  Prompt based stories can range from the cliche to the nearly unimaginable, stretching your writing boundaries. The stories that reflect your own ideas will often be more comfortable to you in tone and style. Spin-off works can be fun, however, make sure that it is acceptable to the original creators of the work.

Edits are the next step.  Setting your work aside you let that glow of creation cool just enough that you can see some of your errors.  Beta readers are necessary to pick apart things you have not noticed.  Sometimes stories require being written over and over and over to get it just right.

Submissions can be daunting.  I think it is the most frightening part of the process. If you check out duotrope often, (writers should I think) you will find many different types of publications.  Some are paying while others are not.  Each has submission guidelines that need to be followed otherwise your work will be dismissed.  Some have short deadlines while others allow time for research. Some want flash while others want stories of 2,000 to 5,000.

This week, I will be sending out one story out into the world. I still need to filter out some questions and polish it a bit more, but I think “Staying Behind” is about ready.  I will send off another story next week, probably my luck story.  Then before the end of the month I will send out a third, and as of yet, not sure what one that will be.

I want to have 3 submission out by Thursday, September 30, 2010.

#3ForMe because I’m not ready for #10ByThen


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