Nighttime muse

Every creative person has this little imaginary (sometimes) creature that whispers in your ear.  Sometimes, he, she or it, just gives you enough of a hint that tickles your brain into careening off the path (project) you are on.  Other times, it hits you over the head, foregoing even the slightest hint of polite courtesy.

My muse, darn her little hide, has done this twice in the past two weeks.  Driving home, gives me a little bit of time to think on what I am working on (and listening carefully to the missing in my engine).  The first one, an image of a woman sitting at the far side of a bar, eyes distant in her own thoughts, drinking a beer.  A sudden thought crossed my mind: Who was she?  An immediate answer, her 43rd husband just died…  What? I was almost distracted enough I did not notice the red light.  Luckily, I stopped in time.  I asked questions, but my muse remained silent.

So I let it be, but that image kept creeping up with a little more detail every time.  Hints of what a story could be.  So in a flurry of agitation, I started writing one night, and had 2,100 words on paper.  I let it sit for a bit, then edited it the first time. Then another.  Sent out to my beta readers I.  But last night was the first time the muse had whispered to me except for that one little hint.

Not that there was anything wrong with the story, as it was it was pretty good, or so I had been told.  A few adjustments here and there was all that was pointed out, but I felt that there could be just a bit more.

Last night the muse whispered in my MC’s voice.

Until last night, the story was just a recounting of actions around her.  Now I have things in her voice, her style.  I have only hinted at her heartache, because she tucks it inside and doesn’t let much out.  But I found some of it and pulled it out for the world to see…

Or I hope they can see it.

I’m going to find out soon because this is my first submission in the #3ForMe for September.

Does your muse talk to you like that?  Does he/she/it whisper or give you an image?  What else does it prod you with when you aren’t paying attention?


2 responses to “Nighttime muse

  1. Damn those Muses!!! 😀 They always catch us at those “special” times! Glad you stopped at the red-light in time!

    (To answer your other question, I don’t know when I’ll start subbing again, I have a few stories that need tweaking, and then I suppose, pretty soon! ((One’s been at Sinister Tales for forever, I’m just waiting for the response to it 🙂 I do think that I’m gonna head over to ST soon, tho as well. I miss everyone there. How did the monthly contest fair for you, hon? ))

    Happy Musing!!


    • Still waiting on critiques/votes. I have not gotten mine in yet. I want to do one more run though on them before I send it.

      and good luck on what you have out.


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