Two submission out, one to go

Quite a few of my friends are challenging their own boundaries this month participating in the #10ByThen challenge on Twitter. The goal is to submit 10 pieces (prose, poetry, or other writing) out into the marketing world by September 30.  Now most of these have been writing for quite a while now. They have a stockpile of odds and ends that need editing, polishing and a few tweaks before those stories are ready to send out.  Most, if not all, have already hit their 10 subs. for this month.

Now, as a newbie to the publishing world, I don’t have that many stories piled up, so I am starting small.  #3ForMe shall be my goal for the next few months as I learn more about publishing.  In fact, I wrote a new little zombie story last week just for a particular sub.  It might not win, but I gave it a shot.  With the Shock Totem Flash contest, that makes two.

I am digging up another flash contest story for submission 3. “Find Him” will soon be drifting in someone’s inbox after  a bit of expansion and work on the ending.

Then I can look forward to next month. Perhaps 4 submissions?  We shall see.


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