Last night finished my edits on “Find Him” and sent it off to Pill Hill Press for one of their anthologies.  I’m actually eager to see what happens with these submissions.

The sub from the Shock Totem is a bust.  Victim of the word count. I might revisit it in a month and see what needs to be stretched out.  Consensus seems to be too much focus on the action, not enough on the character.

I will start working on “Staying Behind” and the lottery story this week.

Ideas are brewing for my #FridayFlash.  I hope to begin writing it tonight (after soccer game.)

I also started my first project with Apex Book Company on learning to create a digital file for eBooks.  Copying text, formatting and cleaning up unnecessary formatting.  Not sure what the next step is but I look forward to it. 🙂

So that’s my update for this week, so what is happening in your writing world?  New subs? New ideas?  News?


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