Important Announcements

First of all I want to announce that I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month (NaNo for short). I was on the fence about it this year and was not sure if I had the time to dedicate myself to this venture.  Once I looked at how much time I spent on things like Twitter and other small sites, I realized that I could easily have the time to slap 1600 words a day on a page. After all,  it should not take more than two hours, Right?

I did participate in Show Me Your Lits this week.  It was great to have 90 minutes to write on a prompt and then read and do a quick critique of everyone’s work.  I ended up with a character sketch, more or less, of a man who lives in the darker side of life.  I’ll have to learn more about Nick and find more of his story.  I have a feeling that he will end up in Reform Row sometime soon.

I have only written about 500 words this week on Tyger’s Eye.  But I can catch up on 2500 words easily between tonight (no kids) and tomorrow. I have changed my mind on working on it the rest of the month.  Tyger’s Eye Will now be my NaNo project. Starting at 15,000 words I will be adding another  50,000 to it by the end of November. With that word count I should have the novel, if the word count was anything like Dragon Masque, by mid-December. Not sure if I will start on edits or continue with the series.  I will decided on that later.

“Find Him” will go back out today.  A few tweaks and I will try to find it a new home. 1 for #3ForMe for this week. I still have one submission out from last month.  2 rejections. 😀

I will post my #FridayFlash later today.  I think I will use my piece from Show Me Your Lits.  Make a few tweaks and then post it this afternoon.

My biggest announcement I have saved for last. Both of my boys are going to participate in the NaNo with me.   They have a young writers program and apparently some of my writing habits have rubbed off on them. We discussed things like characters, setting, time, plot and synopsis of a book. In fact, my oldest could not wait and started his last night! He was surprised at how quickly a notebook page was filled.  My youngest is taking a bit more time and doing an outline. I can already see the arguements:  what is better in writing? Pantsing or Outlining?



9 responses to “Important Announcements

    • Thanks Aaron. I think that boys realize that this is hard work, but so enjoyable. They both like to nit pick story lines so this is perfect!


  1. WooHoo on all of the above.

    On the pantster thing…I’m a pantster on most stories but a planner on others, depending on how much world building is involved. So I guess it depends on the writers personality as well as the personality that the story has…and they DO take on a life of their own. lol


    • I might have a set of things that must go on in the book, but I don’t always know how to get there. I tend to let the characters take their own path. It makes the journey of writing much more fun.


  2. Hi Shadow, I am in the UK and hadn’t seen this advertised anywhere before. It’s a daunting task I don’t think I would manage 50,000 words in a month, it’s taken me ten years to write my first 2 novels! But I take my hat of to you and anyone taking part, best of luck.


    • Well, it’s not really about the word count, but about getting words on the pages. It’s about several writers all over the world sharing experiences and cheering each other on. I probably will not make that 50,000 but I will hit quite a bit of it. That is what counts, why not sign up? At least get a taste of it. It is alarmingly fun! lol


  3. I’m glad to hear that you and your boys will be participating in Nanowrimo. I’m looking forward to it too. I’ll be sure to encourage y’all along on Twitter. 🙂


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