Never Alone

You hear it all the time, writers are solitary creatures.  They are the kind of people to dedicate their lives and extra time to stories.  Most of them are vampire pale, as they never get out and see the sun. They seclude themselves in cat and dog filled homes talking t0 their Basil plants.

While a lot of us dedicate our passions to words, that doesn’t mean that we don’t socialize.  We really do! Things like Twitter and Facebook are some of our most used venues of communication with others of our kind! Then you have the CONs.  Large gatherings of  like-minded writers flocking to fancy hotels and pack themselves into rooms to hear the latest news on publishing, illustrations, and genre trends.

If you have the chance to get a group of writers or any artists, for that matter, you will experience something amazing.  Once the conversation begins, hints of ideas begin to fly.  Pretty soon, you see sparks in their eyes as those ideas are captured in unique nets and put to use.  No author is going to see the same idea in the same way, that’s why you see such a range of stories even if they have the same theme or prompt.

Some writers are more comfortable with smaller groups while others are content in a huge crowd.  And even if they think they will be uncomfortable and lost, they soon find themselves caught up in the enthusiasm, whether they like it or not.

No author is ever alone, unless they don’t have access to the internet or refuse to have contact with other writers.  When I first started, I felt alone, but the writing world has embraced me.  I am very thankful that it has.

BTW, my friends at Apex Book Company are having a book sale this month.

Tomorrow’s special sale is :

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