Mid-Month update for October

Beginning of October I posted a list of goals I wanted to meet by the end of the month. Let’s see how I’m doing.

First off, I changed my mind about working on Tyger’s Eye.  I will be saving that to work on in November for NaNo. The word count is just under 15,000 currently.  I do have a loose outline made of the events that I have to hit in the story.  I will be going over notes later this month so that I am in the right mind frame to write 1,700 words (more or less) a day.

Last week I sent “Find Him” to Podcastle.  I have not heard back yet.  I hope this is a good sign.  I also started on a flash piece for With Painted Words.  “Where There is Water” had a much larger story to tell.  It just would not fit in a flash piece.  Instead of 1,000 words I now have a but under 4,700.  Most of it was written in 3 hours on Wednesday night.  I am going to try again for that prompt later today.  I have another idea.  I just have to keep the story short.

I have participated in two weeks of Show Me Your Lits.  I am liking this little group very much.  Every Sunday, participants can open the weekly prompt and write for 90 minutes.  There is a timer on the top of the page and it does make your fingers and mind work faster when you look at the time you spent slapping blaaaa on the page.  I have gotten some great insight on my own writing as we have a brief critique/vote.  For me, its not about winning contests, it is still about learning and pushing boundaries.  I hope I am doing a good job with both.

Yesterday was my fourth week of #FlashFriday.  Last week I had over 60 hits on my blog.  This week is a bit slower, but I didn’t write a piece that was very  interesting.  I hope I can produce a better piece for next week.

Still working with Apex Book Company with eBooks. I love the technical aspect of this volunteer work.  I am also Beta Reading for a few people.  Morn is going t  be sending me some things to do.

I have two submissions out. Tentatively, crossing my fingers now as they have lasted a bit longer out in the world than I thought.  I need a piece for this week and I think I know who will volunteer for that position.

Over all, it has been a great month.  I hope it continues!


One response to “Mid-Month update for October

  1. These are great suggestions and ones I should look into myself. I added you as a Nanowrimo buddy just in case you might be wondering who “jflamingo” might be. 😉 I’m still learning about social media and growing so much with my wrting that you are absolutely right about the getting involved part. For instance, I’m glad that I met you. You’ve inspired me! Thanks!


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