Cat Games #Friday Flash




I’ve been sick this week, but here is a quick Friday Flash.

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Ever wonder why cats zip around the house?  Well, this might be one possible answer.

A single gold eye cracks open as a rounded ear twitches catching a wisp of sound.  No one sees it, that whisper of movement at the doorway.  The delicate head lifts off crossed paws. Muscles tense and shift as the ribbon taunts her sight.

A gold blur of fur darts across the floor and around the corner, startling the people in the room.  Bouncing on the bed, the cat bats at the air before dashing back out, into the kitchen.  Claws are useless on the smooth floor as the ginger tabby turns the sharp corner.  A soft “fump” preludes the rattling of pans in the cabinet.

The chase continues through the back room where the cat pauses just long enough to gather herself for the next burst of the game. Body hunched, the tabby wiggles down, gold eyes measuring the distance to her prize.

A ribbon flicks across the floor, the cat launches herself back into action.  Back in the living room, the gold body hurls itself on the arm of the chair and leaps to the other side.  On the floor she pounces then rolls on her back, paws extended as she slaps the air.

The man shakes his head and goes back to reading his book while the woman shrugs at his brief look.

The cat sits up and paces back to her favorite seat eyeing the ghostly figure in the room.  The game is over for now but they will play again later.



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8 responses to “Cat Games #Friday Flash

  1. You’ve captured a cat at play incredibly well, especially the initial flicker of interest registered in minute movements, the hunkering down and the loss of grip on a kitchen floor. Nicely done.


  2. Nice. This explains those odd behaviors perfectly. I suppose when my cat chases it’s tail either the ghost is nipping the tail; or has attached a ribbon to torture my cat.


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