One Week Left!

Next Monday starts a very unusual custom for many of us writers.  Writers all across the globe will be furiously typing, writing and grumbling about a measly 1,700 words a day for the next 30 days.  Yes, that is right it is National Novel Writing Month again.

NaNo is a way for many writers to jumpstart their writing prowess by powering through 50,000 words in 30 days.  Yes, that is right, over half of a novel in just 30 days.  Nuts right? Well, considering that most full-time, professional novelists can hit that number in a week or two makes it seem reasonable.  Reasonable is such a small word right?

For me, 50,000 words usually takes a few months to get to.  Frankly, I don’t think I’ve gotten to that number in less than four months. But this year, I’m going to give it a huge push.  I have tried this before, four years ago, and didn’t make it past the first two weeks.

This year is different.

I have a plan. *points to her notes*

Normally, I am a pantser (I don’t use an outline while writing), but since I really want those 50,000 shiny new words on the page, I’m willing to try something a bit different this time.  It’s not an outline, per say, but a list of all the events that need to happen with notes about importance and other information.  This way I can plan out what I am going to write that day instead of wondering.

Good plan right? Well some other writers have come up with some great plans for NaNo.

Cluster Plotting by Johanna Harness

How I start a Novel  by Eric J Krause

As I find more I’ll ad them, or send me a link.

So how are you going to meet your NaNo goals? Care to share with us?


4 responses to “One Week Left!

    • Yea, I said measly. lol I can do it.. in about 2 hours. I think… I hope…
      well you know there is going to be lots of catching up on the weekends. *sigh*


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